2450 Homework

Submitting Assignments

upload iconSubmit homework assignments here. By submitting homework, you certify that your solution represents your own work.


  • Homework solutions must be submitted electronically (see the syllabus for more information)
  • Be sure that you receive a confirmation dialog after uploading your homework.  It will show a list of files successfully uploaded along with a confirmation number.  If you do not receive this, your homework was not received!
  • Please note that if you make multiple submissions, only the LAST submission will be graded, so be sure to include all files in that submission.
  • Solutions will be posted shortly after homework is due.
  • Unless stated otherwise in the homework problem, provide a separate report for each problem.  Also submit any MATLAB or Excel files you use to solve the problem.
  • Reports should be submitted in PDF format.  Reports should contain a brief description of the problem, a description of how you solved it, and a discussion of the results.  Also include relevant figures, tables, etc.

Homework Assignments



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