6703 Homework

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Graded Homework

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Homework Guidelines

  • Homework must be submitted electronically using the uploader above.
    • Submit a separate Jupyter notebook for each homework problem.
    • Any supporting python scripts that the notebook relies on to run or images that the notebook loads, etc.
  • I suggest that you submit your entire homework submission via a zip file, but you should also be able to upload your Jupyter notebooks directly if that’s your preference.
  • Each notebook should be self-contained, including:
    • A problem description/statement
    • Written description of the solution, including equations, derivations, etc. typeset using LaTeX.
    • All relevant results (plots, etc.) with associated discussion and analysis.
    • Functioning python code that produces the results requested in the problem statement.

Submissions that are missing any of these pieces may receive no credit.

  • Please do not use extensions or python packages that are not standard since that may prevent your notebook from functioning properly when I grade it.
  • Homework will be evaluated based on:
    • Whether the problem was completed properly/correctly.
    • How well the writeup explains the problem and results.

Getting started with Python & Jupyter

Also see the syllabus for more links to python tutorials

Homework Assignments

Term project

The purpose of the term project is to explore a topic of your choosing in more depth.  The project can be educational in nature (e.g., creating materials to explain concepts, etc.) or exploratory (e.g., testing a hypothesis, etc.).

Evaluation criteria

There are two portions of the project: the written report (in a Jupyter notebook) as well as a presentation. 

The oral presentation and written report will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Are the project goals clearly outlined?  These should be stated as questions or hypotheses.
  2. Are the equations governing the system clearly defined?
  3. What techniques are being used to solve the problem?  Are they appropriate?  Have you characterized numerical errors adequately?
  4. Are the results presented clearly?  Do they adequately answer the questions/hypotheses posed?


Term project presentations will be held on the last two days of class: Monday November 30 and Wednesday December 2.  The presentation will be worth 30% of the project grade.  Presentations will be 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q&A. 

Written Report

The written report is worth 70% of the project grade.

Written reports are due via email by the end of the day on December 4th.  Please include all files required to run your Jupyter notebook and submit your report as a zip file containing all of these files.