Lectures & Schedule

Lecture notes and resources will be posted here.  Please check this page frequently.

DateTopicScreencastOther resources
8/20/2018Course overview & introduction to python & JupyterIntroduction to Jupyter Notebooks

Arrays in python

Introductory exercises (download only)
8/22/2018Deriving governing equationsGoverning Equations - part 1Notebook on material derivatives
8/27/2018Governing equations - part 2
8/29/2018Taylor Series
Numerical differentiation
Taylor Series, Lagrange polynomials for derivativesTaylor series notebook
9/5/2018Intro to ODEsLagrange polynomials - part 2
Taylor Tables
Error analysis
ODE Intro
discretization notebook
9/10/2018Boundary value ODEsBoundary value ODEs: finite difference & finite volume techniques
9/12/2018Nonlinear equationsODE BVP Example
Nonlinear Equations
BVP ODE Example

Bisection Demo notebook
Newton's method demo notebook
9/17/2018Initial Value Problems - Time integrationNonlinear boundary value problems: Newton's method & linearization
Initial value problems (part 1)
Notebook on linearization for BVPs
9/19/2018Explicit time integratorsForward Euler notebook
9/24/2018Implicit time integration introduction
9/26/2018StabilityImplicit (part 2) and stability analysisstability notebook
10/1/2019Stability for linear and nonlinear systems of ODEsSystems notebook
Nonlinear positive eigenvalue notebook
10/15/2019Classification of PDEs
Elliptic PDEs
Classification of PDEs
Elliptic PDEs
Elliptic PDEs notebook
10/19/2018Parabolic PDEsParabolic PDEsLinear Parabolic PDE notebook
Nonlinear Parabolic PDE notebook
10/22/2018Hyperbolic PDEsParabolic systems - part 2
Hyperbolic systems - part 1
Hyperbolic PDEs notebook
10/24/2018Modified Equation Analysis
10/29/2018Stability analysis for Parabolic PDEsHyperbolic PDEs - flux limiiters
Parabolic PDEs - stability analysis
Parabolic PDE - stability notebook
10/31/2018Verification analysis for PDEsVerification & Convergence of PDEsNotebook on convergence
11/5/2018Numeric integrationNumeric Integration
11/9/2018Optimization - part 1
11/12/2018RegressionConstrained optimization
Regression - part 1
11/21/2018Inequality-constrained optimization
Regression - part 2