2450 Schedule & Lectures

NOTE: This page will change frequently. Please check back here often for changes & updates.

Lecture notes and screencasts are available in the table below.  Notes will be posted prior to each lecture.  Screencasts of the lecture will be posted following the lecture.  Other files & supplementary materials will also be posted below.

Please note that screencasts are provided as a courtesy, and are not intended to be a replacement for in-class attendance.

DateReading AssignmentLecture NotesScreencastOther Resources
8/22/2016Moler preface
Moler intro sections 1.1, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7
IntroductionIntroductionMatlab Tutorials on my wiki
8/24/2016Linear algebra review
Moler 2.1, 2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 2.10
Linear Systems of Equations - direct solversIntroduction (continued)

Direct solvers for linear systems - part 1
Linear systems in Matlab on my wiki
8/29/2016Direct solvers for linear systems - part 2circuit.m
8/31/2016Moler section 2.9Linear Systems of Equations - iterative solversLast thoughts on the Thomas Algorithm & homework 2

Iterative methods for linear systems (part 1)
9/7/2016Jacobi & Gauss-Seidel algorithms
9/12/2016Moler 3.1-3.2InterpolationInterpolation - part 1
9/14/2016Examples of interpolation in Matlab; cubic splinesinClassInterpDemo.m
9/19/2016Moler 5.1-5.2,5,5Linear least squares regression2D Interpolation

Regression - part 1
Supplemental notes on regression
9/21/2016Regression - part 2rateConstant.m
10/5/2016Regression - part 3
10/17/2016Moler Chapter 6Numeric integrationNonlinear least squares regression

Numeric Integration
10/19/2016Numeric differentiationNumerical Differentiation
10/24/2016Moler 4.1Nonlinear EquationsSecond derivatives
Nonlinear equations - part 1
10/26/2016Nonlinear Equations - Newton's method
10/31/2016Nonlinear equations - part 3 (matlab & Excel tools, Nonlinear Systems)
11/2/2016Nonlinear Systems - Matlab Examplesexample_1.m
11/7/2016Moler Chapter 7Ordinary Differential EquationsMatlab example: finite difference jacobians for Newton's method

Intro to ODEs
Newton's method with finite difference Jacobian example: example_sys_fd.m
11/9/2016ODEs - part 2. Forward Euler for Initial Value Problemsforward_euler.m
11/14/2016Systems of ODEs, backward Eulerprojectile_driver.m
11/16/2016Backward Euler Examplesbackward_euler.m
Note that the example in class uses newton_fd.m from above, and driver files as well.
11/23/2016Crank-Nicholson, Matlab's integrators, systems of ODEskinetics.m
11/28/2016Boundary value problems
11/30/2016Partial Differential Equations (an introduction)Nonlinear boundary value problems
PDEs (part 1)
12/5/2016PDEs (part 2)Matlab files for examples in the notes

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