3603 Lectures

Before class:

  • Read the assigned material from the text book.
  • Review the lectures notes (posted below) and associated video(s) if assigned.
  • Identify questions associated with the material that you’d like to discuss during class.

During Class

Regular class sessions will not be recorded. If you miss class, you are still responsible for any material we discuss, so be sure to talk with one of your classmates.

We will also have frequent quizzes in class. These will be brief and will cover basic concepts discussed in the lecture material.

Remote attendance options:

Please consider remote attendance if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are sick with the cold or flu, please do not attend class in person.
  • You are sick with COVID-19, you should follow these steps which include a self-quarantine. Do not attend class in person for at least 5 days, and wear a mask for at least 5 days upon your return, per CDC guidelines.
  • You have an underlying health condition or live with someone who is at high risk for complications from COVID-19.

You need to inform me (via email or private message on Ed) that you will be attending remotely so that I can provide access for quizzes.

Schedule & Lectures

NOTE: This page will change frequently. Please check back here often for changes & updates.

Lecture notes and videos are available in the table below.  Notes and videos will be posted prior to each class period. Other files & supplementary materials will also be posted below.

In the table below, “SHR” refers to the class textbook (by Seader, Henley & Roper).

DateReading AssignmentLecture NotesScreencastOther resources
1/10/2022Class syllabus
Prerequisite materials
IntroductionClass Overview
1/12/2022SHR Chapter 1Ethics & Safety; ChEn 3603 in contextJupyter demo.ipynb
1/14/2022Mole BalancesMole balances - part 1
1/19/2022Tank Problem
Differential Mole Balances
1/21/2022SHR §3.1.1Fluxes & Fick's LawDifferential Mole Balances

Fluxes in binary systems
1/24/2022Fick's Law
1/26/2022SHR §3.3.1
SHR §3.1.3
Two-bulb problem
1/28/2022SHR §3.1.4
The beaker problem
1/31/2022SHR §3.3.2Fick's Second LawFick's law summary
Fick's second law
2/2/2022Midterm 1 reviewMidterm 1 mastery topicsJamboard from class discussion
2/4/2022Midterm 1
2/7/2022Midterm 1 discussion
2/9/2022Mass Transfer CoefficientsMass transfer coefficients - part 1
2/11/2022SHR §3.6Film Theory
2/16/2022SHR Chapter 2Thermo ReviewTwo-Film Theory

Phase Equilibrium Thermo


Tips on homework 4
2/23/2022Midterm 2 reviewMastery topicsJamboard from review Q&A
2/28/2022SHR §4.1Single Stage EquilibriumBinary VLE

Jamboard for midterm 2 discussion
3/2/2022SHR §4.2Azeotropes in binary systems
Degrees of Freedom Analysis

Txy diagrams
3/14/2022SHR §4.4Multicomponent Flash - Rachford-Rice
Bubble Point Example
Bubble point demo notebook
3/16/2022Txy calculation example

Isothermal & Adiabatic Flash
Txy example notebook
3/18/2022SHR §4.5Ternary liquid-liquid systems - part 1

Ternary liquid-liquid systems - part 2
Supplemental material on reading ternary diagrams (pdf)
3/21/2022SHR §6.1Absorption & StrippingIntroduction to Absorption & Stripping
3/23/2022SHR §6.3Graphical analysis of absorbers - part 1
3/25/2022Graphical methods - part 2

Stage efficiency
3/28/2022SHR §6.7Packed columns - part 1
3/30/2022Review for midterm 3Midterm 3 mastery topicsJamboard with review materials
4/1/2022Midterm 3
4/4/2022SHR §7.1Binary DistillationHoG & NoG
4/6/2022SHR §7.2.1-7.2.2McCabe-Thiele part 1
4/8/2022SHR §7.2.3-7.2.4McCabe-Thiele part 2

McCabe-Thiele - part 3
4/11/2022McCabe-Thiele - part 4
4/13/2022SHR §13.1Batch DistillationBatch distillation - constant boilup
4/15/2022Review for midterm 4Midterm 4 masteryJamboard discussion
4/18/2022Midterm 4
4/20/2022SHR §13.2Batch distillation example
Batch distillation with constant reflux ratio
Batch distillation with constant distillate composition
4/22/2022SHR Chapter 15AdsorptionAdsorption - introduction
Equilibrium Isotherms
Packed bed adsorbers
4/25/2022Class reviewFinal Exam mastery topics

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