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Lecture notes and screencasts are available in the table below.  Notes will be posted prior to each lecture.  Screencasts of the lecture will be posted following the lecture.  Other files & supplementary materials will also be posted below.

Please note that screencasts are provided as a courtesy, and are not intended to be a replacement for in-class attendance.

DateReading AssignmentLecture NotesScreencastOther resources
1/8/2018SHR Chapter 1 IntroductionIntro & administrative stuff
1/10/2018Introduction - part 2
1/12/2018N/AMole balancesIntroduction - part 3
Mole Balances - part 1
1/17/2018Mole balances (part 2) (this is from last year since there were problems with audio from today's screencast.
1/19/2018SHR Chapter 3Fick's LawMole balances - part 3
Reference velocities
1/22/2018Fick's Law
1/24/2018SHR 3.1, 3.3.1 Two-bulb problem & Fick's law
1/26/2018SHR 3.1.3-3.1.4
SHR 3.3.2-3.3.3
Fick's Second LawBeaker evaporation
Ficks Second Law & Loshmidt Tube
1/29/2018SHR §3.5Mass Transfer CoefficientsFick's Second Law - part 2
Intro to mass transfer coefficients
1/31/2018Mass transfer coefficients
2/2/2018Film Theory
2/5/2018Two-film theory
2/7/2018SHR Chapter 2Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics reviewThermo review - part 1
2/9/2018Thermo review - part 2
2/12/2018SHR 4.1-4.2Single Stage EquilibriumGibbs Phase Rule & Binary VLE
2/23/2018SHR 4.2-4.3Txy diagrams, xy diagrams, azeotropes
2/26/2018SHR 4.3Multicomponent Flash
2/28/2018Dew point & bubble point calculations; generating Txy-diagramsantoine.m
3/2/2018SHR 4.4Alternative approach to Txy diagram
Ternary liquid-liquid systems - part 1
3/5/2018SHR 4.5
Ternary liquid-liquid systems -
part 2
Supplemental notes on ternary diagrams
3/7/2018SHR 6.1Absorbtion & Strippingtechnical difficulties
Here is last year's lecture on some of this.
3/9/2018SHR 6.3Absorption & Stripping introduction
3/12/2018Absorption & Stripping - analysis of trayed towers
3/14/2018Introduction to Aspen
3/16/2018Absorption - trayed towers (continued)
3/30/2018SHR 6.7Stage efficiency; packed columns
4/2/2018SHR 7.1Continuous Binary DistillationPacked column absorbers
Binary distillation - introduction
4/4/2018SHR 7.2Distillation - part 2
4/6/2018Feed stage, number of stages, partial reboiler/condenser
4/9/2018SHR 13.1Batch distillationRmin, NMin, example
Batch distillation
Matlab file to calculate Txy data for the example problem
4/11/2018SHR 13.2Last year's screencast. Today's didn't work.SHR example 13.1 matlab file
SHR example 13.2 matlab file
4/13/2018SHR 15.1AdsorptionBatch distillation - part 3
Adsorption - introduction
4/20/2018SHR 15.2-15.3Adsorption - part 2

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