3603 Lectures

Given the online delivery of this class during Spring 2021, I’ve decided to try “flipping” the class. This means that most of the lecture material will be pre-recorded, and you’ll review this before class on the day it is assigned.

Before class:

  • Read the assigned material from the text book.
  • Review the lectures notes and associated video (posted below)
  • Identify questions associated with the material that you’d like to discuss during class.

During Class

During class, we’ll focus on:

  • Answering questions about the lecture material
  • Example problems
  • Questions on homework
  • Other things like python programming tips to help you out with homework

Regular class sessions will not be recorded. If you miss class, you are still responsible for any material we discuss, so be sure to talk with one of your classmates.

We will also have frequent quizzes in class. These will be brief and will cover basic concepts discussed in the lecture material.

Joining class:

  • Class sessions will be held via Zoom. Instructions on joining class meetings have been posted on Piazza.
  • Please activate your webcam in class. This improves participation and helps me learn to recognize you and helps you get to know other students a bit better.
  • Class sessions will not be recorded. If you miss class, you should make arrangements with a classmate to see what you missed.

Schedule & Lectures

NOTE: This page will change frequently. Please check back here often for changes & updates.

Lecture notes and videos are available in the table below.  Notes and videos will be posted prior to each class period. Other files & supplementary materials will also be posted below.

In the table below, “SHR” refers to the class textbook (by Seader, Henley & Roper).

DateReading AssignmentLecture NotesScreencastOther resources
1/20/2021Class syllabus
Prerequisite materials
IntroductionClass introduction
1/22/2021SHR Chapter 1Ethics & Safety; ChEn 3603 in contextIn-class discussion items:
Notebook: Introduction to Jupyter
Notebook: Arrays in Python
1/25/2021Integral Mole BalancesIntegral mole balancesJamboard from in-class discussion
1/27/2021Tank emptying example
Differential mole balances
Jamboard from class
1/29/2021SHR §3.1.1Fluxes & Fick's lawFluxes in binary systems

Fick's Law
Nonlinear equation demo from class discussion
2/1/2021SHR §3.1.3Two-bulb problemJamboard from class
2/3/2021ReviewMidterm 1 mastery topicsN/AJamboard from class
2/5/2021Midterm 1
2/8/2021BreatheJamboard from class
2/10/2021SHR §3.1.4Review the Fick's law & 2-bulb lectures to refresh your memory.Beaker problem

Comments on Fick's law
2/12/2021SHR §3.3.2Fick's Second LawFick's Second Law
2/15/2021President's Day - no class
2/17/2021SHR §3.5-3.6Mass Transfer Coefficients; Film theoryMass transfer coefficients

Film theory
Jamboard from class
2/19/2021SHR §3.7Two-film theory
2/22/2021SHR Chapter 2Thermo reviewPhase Equilibrium Thermo

2/24/2021Midterm 2 mastery topics
2/26/2021Midterm 2
3/1/2021SHR §4.1-4.2Single Stage EquilibriumDegrees of Freedom Analysis

Txy and xy diagrams; binary VLE
Jamboard from today's class
3/3/2021SHR §4.3Azeotropes in binary systems

Multicomponent Flash: Rachford-Rice
3/5/2021No class
3/8/2021SHR §4.4Bubble/Dew point example

Txy calculation example
Bubble/Dew point notebook

3/10/2021SHR §4.5Isothermal & Adiabatic Flash

Ternary Liquid-Liquid Systems (part 1)
3/12/2021Ternary DiagramsJamboard from class
3/15/2021SHR §6.1Absorption & StrippingIntroduction to trayed & packed towers
3/17/2021SHR §6.3Graphical techniques: operating lines

Graphical techniques: Lmin and Nmin
3/19/2021SHR §6.7Stage efficiency

Packed columns (1 of 2)
3/22/2021Midterm 3 Mastery Topics
3/24/2021Midterm 3
3/26/2021Midterm 3 discussion
3/29/2021SHR §7.1Binary DistillationHeight of packed towers

Intro to distillation
3/31/2021SHR §7.2Operating Lines

q-Line (watch at least half of this one)
4/2/2021q-Line (finish this)

two examples
4/7/2021SHR §13.1Batch DistillationRmin, NMin and another example

Batch distillation - part 1
4/9/2021Batch distillation - part 2

Batch distillation - part 3
4/12/2021SHR §13.2Batch distillation - part 4
4/14/2021SHR §15.1-15.2AdsorptionIntro to adsorption
Equilibrium Isotherms, etc.
4/16/2021SHR §15.3.1Midterm 4 mastery topicsAnalysis of adsorbers; chromatographyMcCabe-Thiele-Interactive-Demo.ipynb
4/19/2021Midterm 4
4/21/2021Introduction to AspenBinary Flash in Aspen
Txy and related diagrams in Aspen
(no audio in these)
4/23/2021Distillation in Aspen
(no audio in these)
4/26/2021Course Review Topics

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