3603 Lectures

Schedule & Lectures

NOTE: This page will change frequently. Please check back here often for changes & updates.

Lecture notes and screencasts are available in the table below.  Notes will be posted prior to each lecture.  Screencasts of the lecture will be posted following the lecture.  Other files & supplementary materials will also be posted below.

Please note that screencasts are provided as a courtesy, and are not intended to be a replacement for in-class attendance.

DateReading AssignmentLecture NotesScreencastOther resources
1/7/2019SHR Chapter 1IntroductionCourse introduction
1/9/2019Intro - part 2
1/11/2019Mole BalancesIntroduction - part 3
Mole Balances - part 1
1/14/2019Mole Balances - part 2 (audio broke for the first part of the lecture)
1/16/2019SHR 3.1-3.2Fick's lawMole balances - part 3
Diffusion - introduction
1/18/2019Average velocities & diffusive fluxes

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